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Take me as I Come or watch me as I Go

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Good day off. Well off from some things giggle giggle.

What the sum of my last few hours has looked like :)
Thanks to Marina and the awesome blog post for me and Pure sin
Free giveaway from me :)

Veona in her new shirt and hoopin and making a beautiful mess!!! A clean mess as my grandmother would say! 
Homemade chicken salad

 He new owl pillow I got her :)  I dunno why this cut of her body lol sorry.  Well this is a bit more of a taste of her new room!! PSSS target got about 500$ from us today lol.  Veonas lamp rug clothes tables matching owl everything shades matchin foot/chair things toy organizers and my nieces gifts
The end of the night :)
Saturdays double header craft shows

 Sigh... I love Bethlehem.... Reminds me of Portland just more upper class and sweeter.  I love the art scene met great people even got myself and awesome tee shirt and noticed some handsome men!!!

 The night afterwords.  I am a sweaty mess and tired lady.  Finished off with Long Island Ice tea and a cranberry vokda! NOM NOM

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