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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cool news that keeps me close.

So as you all know I lived in Portland Oregon for a while.  I have a handful of close friends and some great model friends as well and in Seattle.  My good friend Heidi Is in the oregons perfect model and I am sooooo routing for her and giving her tonz of support.

Can you tell this is her??  Yup thats mm Heidi!!!

She has modeled many Pure Sin things as well as some others and her friends.  She is rockin it and def the one of a kind on the show!  I hope she wins.Vote for her !  And like she said don't jack her last name ya heard. LOLLL I laughed so hard when she wrote that on her fb last night.  Ps Why does it feel like all my friends are getting semi famous?? haha its sooo awesome.  Maybe my stuff will really blow up soon!
You can watch it here
Ok so shift gears...
I also have been asked to do some modeling gigs the last couple months and I shot them down.  I have gotten into better shape and think I may take up a recent offer.  To do a pin up calendar and some other gorey shoots and some plaster modeling of my face and such.  Its a flattering opportunity!  I must see where this leads but I am keeping my options open.  I still am not thrilled with my short hair but it needed to be done due to the weather, the change, and for the all around health of my hair.  I also noticed with all of the painting and such at the new house that It would have been ridiculous with a mopp full of hair lol.  Oh and paint gets in it all the time grrr.

I have to finish my business 15pg plan so back to that guys.  Uhh you have no idea how much school work I have had and accomplished the last 3 months.  More writing then 2 years in HS I swear!!! Sheez.

Talk soon

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