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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Busy week.

 Cutest panda piniata ever I did not want them to hit him.


The weather here the last week in Pa has been rainy :)
I am in soo need of it and boy the environment is too!

 However, My art show on Friday was a hot hot day.  It was not supppper busy but nice to be out.  This is the S side of bethlehem by the fahe bridge which when you cross it gets to the other place my shows are and musikfest which is still going on i believe.

 Us before the show
My new addition to my desk.  I love her.  Her name shall be suzy.
 Finals week.
grub and that homemade salsa is amazinggggg

veona :)
 Her new shirt she begggged for.  so cute
 Monster taking a ride.  Dont worry any animal activists he was having a ball and did not want to get out.  We love himmm soooo much and spoil him with nom noms
 The new art dom Athena got.

 Yesterday before we had to run 80 million errrands
xoxo of to study for finals and do more work.


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