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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Weekend full of Fun!!!!

Fair, Outdoor Fountain, Aunty Amy's, House work, Mall and so much more...

I love this one of Veona.  Its so. so. gahhhh funel cake face rawrrrrr!!
 Veona's first face painting time :)
 Fountain fun
 I love her little face here.  It reminds me of Veona's sister Trinity a bit.

 Promanade fountain.  So this was yesterday and today we went to the mall and played allllll day.  The promanade free day was all for kids and safety toys, fun and so much more.  We got sunglasses, hats, stickers, glitter, paint stuff, flowers, balloons, and photos for Free.  Very neat.

 Her new octopus squishy.  The new kiddo fad.  They are neat hell I love em too
 Fountain fun!!! So amazing to think that Veona was their at 7months old and now she is running around their having a blast.

 too cute!
 ahhhh balloon

The Easton fair

 This was soooo funny.  He was singing this "gator gator gator" CHOMP it was soo funny.  My sister and I were cracking up.  Loved it.

 Beautiful veona in her blue train cart on the cho cho
 bounce bounce
huge hot air balloon
 Veonas going fast weeeeeeeeee
Back to reading my book
watching breaking bad
Finishing school bookbag organizing and planning
Class tomorrow at 3
More house work
Oh and snacking haha

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