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Friday, August 26, 2011

GT TV. New earrings :)

So I came across this last night as my insomnia really kicked in and well got consumed.  It brought back some great nostalgia of me and my extreme gamer knowlege and well my love for some games and graphics.  I can link it to some of my new items and got the gist on the new "rad" games coming about this fall and so fourth.  I think the most awesome thing is that the very first video game on the computer I ever played in the 90's which I am sure all of you know is coming out new.!!!
It is Counter Strike.  Gosh do I have vivid memories of playing this at my big brothers best friends house.  The shooting stabbing and so forth will never be forgotten in this epic game.  I really want it when it comes out in 2012 and will be waiting.
Also here is the link of this show
Neat people rating the new games coming out, their opinions, and the nerdy comments/advice.  I am happy to be caught up on it all as a matter o fact.

I must add I miss watching Halo, and Gears of War, and Call of Duty.  Even some others as well.  Do not forget old school either folks I do not even mean nintendo but tetras too!!!!

New Nerd Earrings!!!!

Computer number and letter earrings.  These "obviously" are number 8!!!
Neat ehhh.

So unfornutaly the hurricane Irene has caused me to have to cancel my art show tomorrow in Bethlehem which is the last one of the Bethlehem art walks. No worries though I have more to come in Emmaus and around other shows.  Plus my online shop guys!!!
check it!!!

How do you feel about these.  Recycling and neat idea huhh?  I find it fun.  I have so many other things but I sometimes feel to save them for the shows rather then online yanno.  Anywho just got done watching "the wheels of time" at our new home.  Happens every August where old time cars drive on main streeet past our home.  However, this year was epic.  A huge accident right next door occured.  This car pealed out.... as we call it "light it up" and knocked down lots of brick and such in the front of their home.  I feel bad but hey people asked for it and it was kinda sweet since no one was hurt.  People aorund here over react and well they asked for it.  The poor guy messed up his nice ass car and well go tin trouble with the police.  Tisk Tisk.  Anwho.
Good night

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