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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Smurf smurf smurf.

I took my daughter and niece to see "the smurfs" on saturday and it was cute.  It had some cute and funny parts, looked great quality wise, but was a tad too long.  They could have cut 20 or so minutes out of it and I would have been happy.  Also I could have done without the whole "jail" scene.  Kinda weird and did not really want my daughter seeing that,  however such is life.
 Veona getting silly later that night.  So halloween is coming soon whattttt should she be??? cat woman?? I shall let her pick this year.  I just got her a cute halloween shirt today that hhas an owl on it.  I love getting her sooo many halloween outfits since I let her wear them year round like me :)

So I my best friend nat and I got sooooo much done today and yesterday at our house.  Finised 2nd coat on kitchen.  First coat on living room and it just needs some touch ups.  Did half of the hallway.  And finally got the first coat on my room omgggggg boy was it work the past 2 weeks getting the wall paper down. Plastering, sanding lalalala good lord.  Well I am beat, sick of the smell of paint, cleaning the brushes all the time and dripping paint, dirty clothes, stinky pits, hurting body specially back and feet lol yea.
It looks sooooo wonderful though and feels so new and homey and cleaner since its all new.  I am soooo happy and loving it. Just dreading moving.  Gahhhh class starts Monday and Wednesday too from  22nd to 17th of December.  Oh man it will be a busy busy time of year once again.  I looked up all my teachers and I hear they are awesome online.  Plus the math dude is a hottie I hear woooot wooot got hots for teacher??? muahahha I love smart, dry humor, nerdy men. raaawr.  Next one? bahha we shall see.  For now gotta get this schtuff done.

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