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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Well deserved relaxing/pampering

Well after a long 7 hr school work day.  I finally deserved a long relaxing night.  I had a great dinner, splendid bath, and great couple glasses of wine.  I finished 99% of my 3 classes today and have 1 final to take tomorrow.  I am sooooo jazzed.  It will be a long week of house work however ;/  But lets look on the brightside we are new homeowners to a wonderful house full of memories.  
 A new wine a tried.... It was ok.  Justa riesling I suppose.  However it was organic but I don't think I will get it again just because it did not realllllllly satisfy me.
 Wink. Ps I have some great new items I made from Pure Sin and I can not wait to share!!!!
 Yummy Asian bistro food.  My fav wine(you know that one ofcourse) and some miso soup with chicken rice veggies and spicey curry!!! muahahhaha
Bath time :) oh and exfoliating lol. ahhhhh

Off to read my book which has a sweet but sour memory.  I found this at my grandmothers on her chair beside her bed before I made it into Veonas room.  I told myself I should try to read it because my Gma always wanted me to read more and always said I would love to read.  It has been bittersweet.  The granddaughters name in the first pages of the book is Janelle.  I nearly fell.  I was soooooo flabbergasted and happy I was just shocked.  However, like all my friends asked me "did she ever mention that to you" sadly she did not.  But it is very very neat.
Nose is in the book within minutes guys.

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