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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hello Kitty Hair Bow, "Duck Tape"

 This is my bran new hello kitty duck tape hair bow!  They were a huge hit at my last show on saturday and my show tomorrow in South side bethlehem tomorrow as well!!!  Veona actually found the duck tape at target and I new there and then there would be a hit!!! Arnt they super cute and very Rad!
 I shall put one on my Etsy and see how it goes :)
 Well it has been thunder storming all week :)  It is soo nice and specially since it is in the evening and perfect for my mood and too sooth the heat wave from the last couple of weeks.  The lightening and thunder and sky just have been a beat!

Here is what Veona and I have done so far this morning.  The daily book reading sessions, videos on my photobooth on my new I mac which I am surprised I never have done.  Humph I think I may record some more of me making things.  Well when I actually have my hair and face on haha.
Back to  what I have to do today and until the 10th.  Read chapters 16-20 in my Business book
I think it is like from page 428-569 to be exact actually.  Sheesh then take the huge test.  My business plan is done and it is exactly 15 pgs.  And actually I over did it.  It only had to be 12-14 EEEkk im happy.  Thenfor Cultural Geo which i love by the way I have another 3 chapters to read so like 100 some pages 3 discussion possts which takes hours 3 papers and 3 quizes!!! Ahhhh so much.  Then Eng class on Monday which shall be easy since I just have to edit 2 of my papers which will not take long then hand in my port full of my 7 papers then Wed the 10th is my final for that class as well.  Garsh Aug 18th can not come soon enough.  Then the semester is over!! Yes.  Then a wopping 2 days then Fall semester starts.  I will be in CSS Reading, Math 100, and Business Law which I am sooo worried about.  I heard it is hard grrrrr.  We shall see.  So far I think I have 27 credits after this semester which I am proud of.  Only 33 more to go then another 32 for my funeral service degree.  I think in Dec of 2012 I can graduate from LCCC with an Associates in General studies then of to Northampton Community College for my funeral service degree and certificate to embalm and such.  O boy so I hope to graduate from there in 2013 sometime.  Well I have to stay focused.  
Nose in book


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