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Friday, August 5, 2011

Bethlehem is where it is at!!!! "Art Walk" "Musikfest" ya dig!

Tonights flyer!!! Isn't it Rad!!  I am really looking forward to tonight however, the traffic will be a downer.  It gets crazy in Bethlehem this time of year.  I love musikfest and all but the traffic kicks my bootaayy.  This is the first "move to the music" show they have done so we shall see :)  Regardless, it is a night out, being around awesome people, and doing what I do being involved in art and surrounded by creative people.  So lets do this guys :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Art walk woot woot!!!! I will be in it later this month on august 27th

Frist friday!!!

Bethlehem lineup for the next several months!!!

Musikfest is Epic.  
This year does not have a great line up like last which was counting crows which I went to and Leonard skynard and so forth this year the only one I would maybe see would be Maroon 5 but I only like a few songs and I dunno if that is concert worthy.  

Wish me luck


  1. have fun i think i remember hearing about this last year the musikfest somewhere i think Adam Lambert performed at one or maybe not i might be getting my tweets wrong. anyways have fun and i'm so jealous would love to see Maroon 5

  2. Thanks it was fun! It was packed but still good. Yeah I did not get to see Maroon 5 but I am sure it was pretty good they played saturday :( I think Musikfest goes until friday or so though so go have some fun!!!