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Friday, August 20, 2010

School tomorrow *nods*

Save the best for last right??? Well at the end you will see all my school books/items for school!!*squeals* i am sooo excited for the art history i already read the intro yesterday and i LOVEEEEEE IT ALLLL so many beautiful artists and paintings and sculpturs and designs and omg i WANNA TOUR THE WORLD of all the fabulous museums!!! well anywho these are the newsest items on my etsy!!! check them out pahhhhleaseeeee!!
Rose necklace

Fishbone necklace

Punk Zebra necklace
Spider clippies
Along with many other clippies i love love love these!! so fun.
I have cupake ones skull ones and many more go take a peek!

So here is the inside of my AWESOME new bookbage!! Jansport of course (man i have had a jansport bookbag my WHOLE LIFE) its to die for! Love it!!!

check out all the neat supplies i got though which is all covered under my 450$ grant for books/supplies how grateful i really am! Thanks!

So my PHONEBOOK SIZED BOOK but i love art so its okie dokies
folders and notebooks!business management books

Yay my bookbaggggggg folks.....
Well school starts tomorrow online of course until january which i will be physically taking one class a week at LCCC in schnexville at main or in allentown at donley! *sigh* im soo proud of myself that im sticking with school. I feel great life is JUST BEAUTIFUL and im soo happy and thankful for the little things as well.
But another notefunny story.... so when i was leavingthe desk at the school when purchasing all these items with my grant money i put my bookbag on with all my stuff in it and starting laughing and said to the big black lady who was checking me out i said im sorry i cant help it this is soooo weird for me to put a bookbag on again with actual books in it and as a mom its very strange SHE STARTING LAUGHING SOOO HARD and said i bet hun i bet! lol. it was cute... anywho adios im at work!!
ps have a great weekend wish me luck in school!!!

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