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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

hum i na hum i na hum i na!!!!

Gettin a move on soooo many things i cant wait till this week is over but yet im excited for it and happy about it but its stressin me for sure. I am releived though finally my school teacher put up our calendar but i stressed this whole time thinking an wondering when this 6pg project was due and wondering when i had to have these 77pages read by which i though it was this week. Especially since this weeks so busy and well on top of it work is just blehhh. Anywho here are some new items to add to my etsy and sell on Sunday at the Artisans Market in Downtown Emmaus 10-2 come see and support Pure Sin and other local artists!!!
Woman skull cameo necklace
Mustash( i forgget i now thats spelled wrong tho and im tired and dont feel like looking it up lol) they ARE AWESOME omg i ahve sooo many friends who want them too and well i think they will be a hit! omg forgot to ssay i sold 2 things at Wizards World III. Tattoo shop in emmaus where my things are selling !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Suuper stoked. And i am making more displays for my things to look very snazy.
Badass Rib cage necklace

So i got this isle (mini ) for my newer business card which will be changed again soon....
isnt it adorable!!!

So I got some supplies today at dick blick and made some displays with my buddy and ended up pickign that up as well as pricing things i want for the near future and well man i love art and can get lost in a good art store and just ahhhh *sigh* love it. Dick Blick is special to me in the sense that it used to be right across the street from where my Granny lived (she has been dead since i was 13) so well we woudl go there ALLL THE TIME and get so many things . Its
pricy but good good quality and well ive been brought up around art and art supplies all my years and well going back there at there new location was so special and as if its a new start since i am now a business owner i suppose... anywho this is the coolest ting ever below..... I got it from a 2nd hand store for like 2 $ neat ehhh.

So I took Veona to Spongebob night at Pizza Hut with my sister on tuesday. I dont let Veona eat fast food more then 2x a month and well pizzza hut isnt that bad. She just lovessssssssssssss spongebob aand i really wanted her to see him even tho she screeeeeeeeeeeeaeaaamd but then when we sat down pointed to him sayign spongebob spongebob then we say you want to go see him and shed squeal lol. shes funny.. so she had a personal pizza and ate decent and had some of my tomatoes and cucumber from my salad. I must say I am such a good mom (especially)in the food sence because she eats what i eat and I eat VERYYYY HEALTHY since i am always dieting and well now extremely cause my runway event and photoshoot this saturday. So she eats fruit with me every night and veggies its awesome.

My craft table just thought id show you my mess of maddness creations!!

Veona the beautiful blowing on her hot pizza with Aunt Amy

Too Darn Cute. Love her soooo much...
Sorry ive been slacking on tarots i just dont feel like typing them but have been doing them ... specially lately and well lastnight with Nat and some fine wine!!!
Off to do my exercising!!

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