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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Much to Cover ohhh boy!!!

Some very cute Veona pictures to start off the very left was Veona at The convention which you will read about more down below thank god for my best friend Nat(Aunty Natty) for the help and being so wonderful to/with veona she just loves her so much!! I can really see doign this whole convention thing more often and having Nat with was a blast too. Then the middle one is Veona at home in her new dress from grandma catherin. The last is veona at aunty Nattys house for our dinner party which you will see all about down below as well... Take a gander....

Well This was the finished plate let me tell you it was FANTASTIC Auntty natty made a wonderful dinner party!!! Her and I did most of the preparing/cooking but it was all her plan with the recipies besides me begging her for the shiscabobos lol. I started crying cutting the onions but other then that cutting the peppers green beans and such was no problem i loveee cooking as you know. And actually this was my first time putting together shiscabobs so it was much fun. They have tomotoes onions green pepper squash and chicken scallops and shrimp. Just perfecto!
Ahhhhhemmmm soooo cool looking too!!!
Ahhhhhaaa shiska bobs so awesome ehhh. At nats we prepared all this yummy food and these came great. Nat made homemade mac and cheese and an AMAZING green bean salad. Just fantastic dinner party indeed. Oh did i mention wine!Nomb NOMNOMMMM. And coffee and fruit coctail over greek yogurt with some lemon chello ohh my fav. Just perfect !!


My dinner the other night.

This is my vodka pasta and chicken (cooked in mango sauce)baked beans mixed peppers green beans and ommmm nommmm nommmm.... Me and natty had dinner! And we cooked it together it was soo nice!
Oh this was fabulous i didnt get to tell you about my Pure Sin VERY FIRST CONVENTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My convention at the Petting Zoo in Ag Hall in Allentown I was so blessed to get this table for free from a guy through work it was a 120$ table and i just made ALLL PROFIT this rookie here made 150$ . So pleasesd and blessed i really am and i have found that I just love what i do and use my creative outlet to make art and some green. 7-31-10

My table isnt it neat? Red head neato!

My rings on my new ring stand eeeeeek!!!

Well its been an exhahusting week but some good some bad and some tasty!!!!

I am a grandmother.. yes you heard me correctly! My daughter got her first pet a beata fish! Her name is "AWESOME" My best gf nat got her to say awesome so thats what i decided on since it was the same day. I actually bought it from one of the other vendars at the conventions because she spent 60$ at my table and well i felt i needed to return the favor and i wanted veona to have a pet!
So this is Awesomes's new home... Isnt it so CoolId say thats an upgrade ehhh?
Oh Awesome welcome to the family!!!!!

Well this week has been good bad and ive been greatful for some good things like i just got a special scholarship for daycare for veona in january so i can actually "go" to school and not just online so i am happy about that. But on a bad note my dear dear grandmother i love so much is VERY VERY ill and has been battlign cancer for 2 yrs now but is really doing bad ive been helping her mucho and being by her side as she pukes and its devistating and it kills me to see her suffering and so frail and well its terrible but my focus is now other then Veona work my business(Pure sin) always keepin me busy makin/buying new things i just love it and well school starts the 21st so its all good. Oh and on agood note i have a vacation FINALLY booked for sept 2-3rd! wohhooo beach yay! East coast beach im sooo stoked man do i NEED IT BAD.!

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