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Thursday, August 5, 2010

All about the Iron Pigs

Well im not much of a sports fan anymore butttttttttt its still there a tad so Nat asked me to go with her tonight to a game and i was sooo stoked well it turned out i ended up bringing veona with and it was just WONDERFUL!!! It felt great to take my daughter to a game and get her a hot diggity dog and fries and ice cream (despite dropping big bucks on it) I just love spoiling her. But my gf got the tickets free cuz she works for Wesley Works which i sa DJ company and they got free tickets so it was sooooo NICE of her to invite us!. Veona was ok she just loves to walk around aimlessly its histeracal. So watcing the game didnt exist which is ok i never like baseball much well i mean its ok to watch but playin it is LAMMMMMEEEEE i love basketball soccer and volleyball and tennis and drive(golfing) but thats about it really. So here are many pictures ....
Beautiful picture.....

Gosh her eyes killll me there sooo beautiful ayiayiayi... hehe stuffing her lil face!!kom knom friess
Feeding veona a hot dog and jammin to some music


guess what !!!!!

i got wayyy lots of stuff shipped today yay i got to make a couple last minute things before the game at 6 but man work and the game i didnt get home till almost 11 and now is 1217 bed time soon so i will upload them tomorrow and sOOOOO SORRY about
no tarots lately just bleh i just have been reading them ones i get emailed ive been busy and lazy hehe ^-^


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