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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

days are flying!

Well here is our dinner of course i love showign you the little pumpkins plaate, Dinner was broc rice smoked salmon cranberry sauce and apple sauce! It was good but i loveee salmon but smoked is way to salty for me!
But boy look at that plate. humph sometimes cooking like this makes me want to fall in love again and eat as a big family! I mean dont get me wrong i love it being me and my daughter but i want to share with more and i have so much to offer in all different ways and aspects. Anywhooooooo i have got more stuff in the mail the past couple of days so this week and many to come will be creating new things and just so many new items yay!!!

Such as.... well now this I actually bought for MEEEE for once i get som ething for JUST MEEEEEE! i love it and have been wanting it for a while! my good old brass kuckles but in black o course!!

sooo here is one of the new things these absolutly adorable pink skulls i just love them. This seller is just fantastic i love all there stuff cant wait to show you more!!

Some more of my bottlecaps and such

And Now for veonas new toys again man she got so many so i am milking them for months haha
Well i just adore this skeleton backpack i almost want it for ME lol its sooo cute and well that dora i got for her when we went to the hospital to vist my gma yesterday (from the gift shop)because i saw it and just melted over it for her cuz its the perfect size and she was sooo happy and proud and holding it up in the air and showing me and eveyrone and holds it in he little arms and its sooo cute! So i got grandma this beautiful gma glass plack and veona the dorra she is sooo into dora right now with alll the dora books she has thats why not really the show she barely sees it. She only watched tv a bit in the mornin and maybe 1 hr at night not even!

Her playing with the dora whenmommy needs to make her bed! OHHHH i forgot i just rearrangeed my room lastnight with nat omg toooook soo long but well worth it it looks great i am in love with it. il post that tom with tarots hopefully im just bleh not in he mood for that today.

And veona wearing the bow mommy made her and her necklace she is just falling asleep her isnt she gorgeous!

Gosh she is a beatiful little girl


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