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Monday, August 9, 2010

Always configuring new contraptions!

Ok some new pieces I have been busy busy making! To the left are some of my new chokers they come in all different colors and i have been playing with the bottle caps and putting many diff things on the outside/inside...Its fun.

This is a really cute mini clip with cheetah ribbon and its just adorable love them... I have been having so much fun with all the diff new ribbons i got and making them into bows and clips its fun but bows are not easy let me tell ya! Gosh these just make me melt though i want ALL OF THEM for Veona and i can not i must sell them. But o course she has about 5 so far haha.

Skull and bones button/peandant its fun .

This i love its 3 pink skulls on one of my new smaller ball/chains and they are colored too!! yippie!!
Btw i gotz a NEW CAMERA yayyyy but i mean its not great for everything just close up pictures which is all i needed its a cannon 10 mp and it was like 110$ at target and 9$ for a 4gig mem card which is unheard of it was on sale yehaaaaa butt man they pissed me off there i was askign the guy about wwhich to get lala and he totally had no idea so me and my gf michelle were trying all them out for close up clearness and the one i ended up getting which was cheaper then the ones i was gonna get was better then the 14 mega pixel which makes NO SENSE and it annoyed me that they guy was stupid and couldnt even get that and know which was best. I mean i give him slack a bit but what annoys me most is then he should ask someone else to give me the right answers uhhh lazzyness and east coasters i tell ya!!!

LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE THESEEEE!! must say i have my own its grey and black tho!

These are actually mini bows but they look big here and i added a bunny imbelishment. cute ehhh!
And a choker skull necklace . Pretty simple yet cute!
Sooo cool this one is on my etsy i believe! Which i have all set up will almost for the time being!! And yay i have views its sooo exciting but i obsess and check it a lot haha but also i just took about 500$ worth of inventory to Shelbys Closet its a local clothing/vintage store locally in emmaus so im stoked i think i shall get some sales there!
My Tarot Cards
QUEEN OF PENTACLES-You may be doubting your ability to live up to your responsiblities. Believe in yourself, but don't look for too much approval from others at this time. Rewards will arrive when you work independently, in your own way.
VI OF SWORDS(REVERSED)-Your greatest accomplishments come through competition. Learn from the opposition. Look outside yourself for alternative courses of action. Solutions become clear when you get away from day-to-day duties.
XII THE HANGED MAN (REVERSED)-Stop being so close-minded. There are plenty of alternatives and solutions to your problems. Try something new. This no time to be lazy o r melancholy.
XIV TEMPERANCE-Compromise brings happiness. Perhaps you're not viewing matters objectively? Try to see the other side of the story. Use common sense and good management. The people around you are more set in their ways now. Post pone arguments and debates until they can open their minds.

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