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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Done da dooo daaaa getting things done

Gosh i love this skeleton barrette its just awesome i even have one for myself!! It shall be on etsy in the next couple hours. if you havent yet looked at my etsy PLEASEEEE DO and dont leave empty handed ( or shoudl i say cart empty). Its funny i was just talkking to my gf about this the other day. I NEVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR bought things online and now its as if thats all i do. Its so convienant(how to spell???) since i have no car as of now and well if the shippin isnt bad im def a buyer. Now clothes wise there are only a few sites i will buy from but shoes ohh boy that gets me in trouble. But etsy ohhh my broke because of it haha! and Toys R Us i loveeeee to spoil my Veona i Cannot resist. This picture almost makes me cry!!!! its sooo beautiful she is holding the picture of me and veona when she was 3 months old thats in an alarm clock(gift from ma catherin for xmas in 08-09). Veona was just holding it and cherishing it . Jusst made me melt.
One of the new pics il be adding to my etsy of my bow necklace!!!

Boy i love this bow its just sooo cute! I almost want another baby!!! Some of my new items skeleton necklaces bow necklaces cupcake necklaces man these are taking awhile due to me individuallly having to drill them. Shesh some are worse then others tho!
Strawberrys blueberrys rasperrys fruit salad i made these fresh today soo delish!
Apple and Plum fruit salad

Dinner i made last night it was yummy
and Veona LOVESSSS CORN yep its her new fav! Well im off to edit my etsy tata!

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