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Monday, March 7, 2011

Music Festivals...I will attend one day

Ok so these are my favorite and most wanted to go to festivals from start to finish.  I am very sad that Sasquatch is sold out this year since my FAVORITESSSS are there such as city and colour, death cab for cutie, iron and wine, bassnectar (omg going to see them in ACity in April at the house of blues OMG OMG OMG VACATION TIME HOTEL BABY WITH THE GIRLS I cant wait :)  I will talk about that another time when we have the hotel booked and gosh its gonna be sick)  Also more favs there are obviously Foo fighters, ratatat,robin (omg bak in the day) Bonobo omg love themmmmmmm, dude best line up ever sooooo not fair.  The rest ppl are like whatever but Next year??? its in Washington which is amazing and I gotta do it up.  Well I have links to all the festivals so check them all out.  The down side is they are like 4 days usually and like between 160-500$ yeah no lie thats not including travel and food and yanno other supplies. Grrrr. Well one day one day.  Priorities yanno.  Well I really hope to attend at leaste sasquatch and bonnaroo or coachella.  The rest ehh w/e I mean all good is cool my best girlie goes to it but I mean I rather the other 3.  Burning man woudl be sick but I dont have the means of doing that with the money and long time and the friend situation woudl be hard considering most of my friends are not artists of that extent.  Boo I woudl rock that shit though.  *sigh I will one day.

Top 5 Then some.





5.   This one does not run anymore but is still sick :)

More festivals not worthy in my opinion of the sites would be....
Snow Ball, sonic bloom jazzfest wakarusa, emr+n+see, symbiosis, walkaroosa, smokeout, voodofest, bumpershoot, noise pop music festival, and south by southwest.  Check em out if you like until then..

 I will stick to them 3 concerts a year I see and Musikfest in Bethlehem which is like 9 mins away haha.  Also I saw counting crows there last year and it was amazing.

Anywho I am very busy with school since its midterms week and many assignments and reading blahhhh ohh and the crayola factory was well not as great as I thought I will post about that later. btw etsy has many new updated items check it out :)

Ps up to 40 Sales Yay


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