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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Food, Thunderstorm, Hwk desk, Crafts

Food the last couple of weeks.


Pasta vegetables and Ravioli with shrimp and mushrooms with vodka sauce and wine :)

New wine I like
The healthy choc oreos 100 calories 

Veona eating cereal and having monster watch

This one was weak but it was odd because it Lit up the whole sky and you will see what I mean down below...Very odd usually there are streaks and bolts and yanno but this just was boom sky Lit!


 Neat Eh?

Ok Now my computer Desk before school work takes over....
 After ...
 Crafts, making, creating, going busy busy busy
These are the fishbones I just made with clay and they are diff cuz they do not have the wholes cut out between the bones so I am a little disappointed but with the mold you can not do the wholes I am bummed.  But we shall see how they look on bows ?  I am staying hopeful.
 So I found one of my old japanese artwork stencils and here is one of my favorite.  This was from 06-07 Crazy long ago but still works.  The one on the left I blended colors and brought more shading and depth and the right one is sold purple.  Which do you like best???
 Some new cupcakes I have been making.... This is about 20% of the amount I did haha.
I have been making them like madd.. I have an assemble line for them now.  I first sand the plastic then measure how many I can fit on a piece to use as much as possible.  I then trace them. And last color them as I please.
 One finished product :)  I just added it to Etsy guys check it out.   If you purchase this bow you will get another bow free :)
Have a great day to you all.. Im back to homework
Ps Mr. Templesmith talked to me (squeals) on fb of course but it was like ahhhh dancing dancing so happy... anywho

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