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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How to make a duck tape hair bow

Well :)
This is my very first video tutorial on how to make a bow :)
I have had people begging me to do this and friends suggesting it and well I never did it just beause well #1 I do not sound great on my camera the sound kinda stinks and #2 I don't like the way I look on video camera #3 I have to do it myself #4 I only have about 3 mins of video time on my camera . So I finally caved and well its not that bad.

I also- to those of you who know me or my family on a more personal level -I have uploaded videos of veona and I and such on my youtube account to share. I have been for over a week now and have been wanting to for a while.  I also had some on myspace/fb but im not on myspace at all anymore and fb well w/e.  I have many more to upload but yanno its an ongoing thing.  They arn't perfect and im sorry if somethings are said that may be well I dunno arn't "great" I have not listened to them all I do NOTTTT have time but they are for my benefit and yours if you wish. I did it as a back up as well since I cant get a back up hard drive right now. Well my youtube is MissOriJnel and check the stuff out if you like. It was emotional for me and my loved ones because watching her grow is just amazing, lovely and so many more emotions arose.  I am truly blessed, grateful and looking forward to the times to come.  Good night world.  Sleep tight don't let the bed bugs bite.


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