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Monday, March 14, 2011

Veona Veona and more Veona

We just got our easter Tree.
Decorated with neat egg ornaments it was sweet.
She had fun and I cant wait to decorate eggs with her soon.
Veona and I in a daze watching stuff on the net.
So this was a big deal for me
I finally let her use a bath product that was Not organic or natural.  It killed me.  It was bath dye. I saw a friend use it and her child was fine so I new she would loveee it.  She did and it was fun and she was fine no rash no nothing.  
Just look at her she is soo cute.
Veonas shopping spree this past weekend.  She is almost all set for spring.  I would like her to get some more summer shorts and dresses and socks though.  I also am looking into more storage for her and all her toys some ticker bell or dora ones on walmart .com.  I also want to get her some more organic body wash and hair stuff.  I always get her aveno but I want something else although stores dont sell it around here.  I only use organic soap and get her Aveno.  
I finally caved.  I got her her first pair of crocks and cowgirl boots haha they were just too cute.
Veona photoshoot.  Haha just diff edits of Veona in her cutsy outfit.
She is so flawless. Just gorgeous.  
The crayola factory in Easton Pa.  Honestly it was fun but Veona was not on her best behavior and I actually do everything they did there with Veona every single day.  So wasnt that great.  And it was way overpriced and PACKKKKKED with rude ppl and well I can go on and on.  Da vinci center was way better.

I love this picture.
haha the dunkin donuts trip after the factory.  She was enjoying that.  LOL
Pure Sin items I made recently :)
Its is my spring break this week(hallaluya) 
So much work needs to be done.
And how did i forget to tell you all this :)
I did a showcase of my Nerd necklace shown above.  It was on sale on etsy these last two saturdays being showcased.  How that works is you pay about 7$ each time you have it showcased for a whole day.  You get hundreds of hits.  I got over 300 hits each time :)  Sadly no sale from this necklace but its ok word of mouth has been good at my college since i placed cards all over.  
Dessert plate anyone haha.  Shared cookies.
And my spring st. pattys day and hapy flowers I bought for myself.  The vase is special to me.  It was my grandmothers and I have always wanted it and now its passed down to me and I put my very first flowers in it.  They are beautiful.  

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