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Friday, March 11, 2011

Pure Sin Flyer, Models, and new bows :)

Here is what I have secretly been keeping from you all :)
I am sooo excited about this flyer and I cant wait to get them printed and blanket the Places I can.  BIGG sigh.  It feels sooo great.  Thanks to Rusty and his gf Christina for making this all happen.  I adore them both and Im so glad to have worked with them many many times.  There work is flawless and I enjoy giving them items to photograph and model. Anywho its a front and back and will be on a 6'4 flyer printed professionally with high gloss like my business cards.  

I am legit now.!!!

The newest picture !! Just got this 2 days ago.  They never cease to amaze me.  I am always blown away, inspired, and its truly beautiful, dark, and mesmerizing.  Just brilliant.  
This is done by a friend/ photog.
Tiffany Weber 
Tiff Weber
model- Christina 
Newest bows guys :)  I have been hammering these out like crazy... since the craft show is march 26th my buts gotta get moving :)
so these are all hand drawn and colored cupcakes with hand made bows.  Shessh is getting to be a lot of time consuming hard work.  Not like before.  Well I really am proud of it and love them.  It shall be swell at this show since it is easter coming up and cupcakes are always a big hit too!!
Hope you all like :)

I shall write later.
For now my heart goes out to those in tokyo, hawaii, and japan.  GOd bless and your in my prayers.  


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