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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Kind of Bow :)

These are my new latest creation to Pure Sin.!!!!!

They are my duck tape bows.  Yes I say Duck Tape and I betcha didnt even know that they came in a ton of neato colors eh??

I am jazzed about these because I have always adored duck tape its just soo cool and I mean what cant it hold??

My fav saying

Silence is Golden but Duck Tape is Silver.

I know its awesome I suppose you may use it if you like but Just make sure you think of me when you do although I am sure you will ;)

Anywho this past weekend was hard and Im beat, have so much school work to slam into and ahhh many things to make and things to take care of.

BTW I got a 100% on my math quiz sweet.  And I am registered for 3 classes for summer college
Intro to Business
Cultural Geography

So I will be taking Eng at school and the others Online hopefully it goes well :)

Take Care I have some cool things to show you when I have time until then have a great week.
Im off to watch Nip Tuck and unwind. Woo
Good night

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