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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Good food bad food!

Good morning all :)
Fresh sqeezed grapefruit juice.  It tasted great!! Nice to do that but boy that took 4 grapefruits guys!! But I did it an appreciated it boy oh boy.  They are so healthy and it has taken me 21 years to like them  haha.  Delicious
Then home made tortilina salad.  It was a great end of the day the other night.

My favorite.  Homemade penne pasta and a four cheese sauce with fresh broc and grilled chicken with asparagus salad with cucumbers beans and some oil/vinegar. 
Another batch of homemade ham and bean soup.  I loved it so much
haha Me in the kitchen.  Warrrrrr. 
Battle spatula or Me.
And the bad food haha
but digorino pizza 
so kinda homemade?? 
Nope thats cheating
I have always wanted to make it myself but all the ingredients together are like over 15$ so I might as well order haha its all fattening anyways just some more then others.
Oh haha
and the worst but best
Cheesteak and pirogues and delicacy around here.
Ta Da the end

Ps guys I got a A 93 on my first math test.  Should have really been a 97 but I made two dumb mistakes not putting the negative sign and then added a simple thing wrong. Derrrrr
I currently have
A-comp class

Later Psy test then spring break :)

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