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Thursday, March 17, 2011


Cupcakes anyone??
Well these are what I have been so busy with as well as bows.  These little guys dont look like much but let me tell you they are work!! First of all they are twice this size when I color them because they later shrink in oven.  There are about 18 here which equals to about 4 hours or more of work give or take.  Big sigh.  So pretty tho.  

Can you see the one rotton apple or cupcake??? 
He is my zombie one I just created.  
I adore these

Veonas Guinea Pig.  Namedddddd
How awesome.  She really is my daughter eh?? haha she is so cute.
She is very well behaved with him and in fact loving and gentle.  It is very sweet to witness.

He is sooo cute!!

The lady at petco told us to get him since he was the nicest and very sweet.  And she was right so far :)  It was cute because as soon as she took him out veona was astonished and just it was love at first sight.  I am very excited its like her first real pet.  So now its Veona Mommy Awesome(beta fish) and Monster(guinea Pig) haha ohh and Dei Dei as we call him.  Grandpa in Russian.


The fantastic dinner I made today or late afternoon :)  My dad veona and I all sat down together to Eat but Veona was not very hungry sadly :(  But we enjoyed it.  I must say this rarely happens that my father sits with us but when he does I really enjoy it.  I really appreciate all he does for us and Love him greatly.  

A tuna sandwich yesterday with grapes and cherry tomatoes.  Nom Nom

Welll these are the movies I have seen lately !
Rango was sooo cute and a bit funny.  Some parts very funny and My sister and I took Veona to see it and sadly she fell asleep but its ok she woke at the end for 20 mins and was adorable.  It was nice :) and Im a huge fan of Mr. Depp.  Sheesh he would get it !
Now I saw this at my sisters and it was ok and allthe story was sweet and Romantic but I think they put wayyyyyyy to much Sex scenes in it personally.  A sweet story though.  To think a man would be ok with taking care a sick woman his whole life makes me hopeful but I doubt that exists really.  I dunno?

Chicago! Great movie now there is a sad story to this though.  My whole life here in Pa there has been the same blockbuster 2 mins away from my home  and sadly it is going out OF BUSINESS.  I almost dropped dead because I never ever thought it would.  Anywho they are having huge sales and I got this for 4$ to own as well as a couple others :)
We just recently go this from target and well I always read the book to Veona so I wanted to see the movie and I wanted her too as well.
Monster house *sigh.  This reminds me of when I was very pregnant out West and watched it over and over and over again because I would fall asleep at random parts and never get to fully watch it.  So now I have and then some haha Its and understatement because it now is My Veona's favorite movie and boy is that special.  She must have known and heard it in that belly o mine.
My messy work area today... this craft show coming up is taking up soooo much time and energy.  But I also know what I dont sell I can ship to models/photogs and use for the next craft show that I just got accepted into called the Indie craft market in June :) I was sooo stoked to get their email this morning!!!
 Happy St. Pattys day!  Heel clap
Well im a tad bit irish and my hair and eyes show it a bit plus im kinda fair skinned.  But anywho I dont drink beer so this green beer nonsense can shove it.  I dont even think im going out at all in fact.  Ill kiss my pretty little girl instead :)

Cheers* Be safe all

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