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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

More good things about the east coast, "Philadelphia"

Well I needed a moment to breath in some sanity.  That is... some real world life rather then huge college books in front of me flooding my brain with knowledge.

 "MUSIC" my love, passion, healing agent, and straight up godsend.

Well since I have been working my ass off I think I maybe seeing these awesome ppl below in concert this thursday.  In addition, if i do not I will be seeing some of the others below in Sept, and Oct YESSS!! Time to free myself and dance my ass off.  Yep ass offffff.
The glitch mob and phantogram  will be in philly this thursday and then deadmau, thrillex and trentmoller will be in sept and october and I realllly wanna see those 3 concerts as well.  We shall see I think I rather see thrillex and trentmoller rather then just deadmau because the tickets a tad pricey.
Anywho Yeah check them out!!!
Painted some more of veonas room as far as touch ups go and now off to study gahhhhhhhh(head desk)
love Janelle

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