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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A shuffle of the week!

The sleeping beauty Play...

 The play floor.  Sorry no pics aloud during the play :(

 The evil fairy.

 The 3 fairy god mothers.  They were a hoot and a half haha

 What a princess indeed!

 My aunt, cousin and the two kiddos

 awww.  It was a perfect day just like my childohod when my aunt took us to these plays and lunch was a charmer!
Curly short hair anyone?
Gosh do i love these earrings
Tortiline salad
 Veona fell asleep with the glow stick that night haha
 ahh my own version of an ice cream sundae.  haha I know it looks fattening but it is light ice cream ;)
 Omggggg my new love.  My new good blades...So its going haha its harder then I Thought at my age.  God I miss my youth on occasion
Goodnight Im beat!
I finished painting the first coat on veonas room now to do a second then sponge it :)

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