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Monday, July 4, 2011

Horoscope and good movies :)

So as most of you all know, I am extremely into astrology, chinese/ japanese culture and so fourth.  Although, here of late I have not had the time to add my Tarot Cards or write about what my horoscopes or chinese fortunes are.  Today I could not help but share this with you.  I get an email everyday for my chinese horoscope of the day and here is what today "being a snake" entails.  It was so accurate my jaw practically dropped....

Hi Janelle! Here is your Daily Chinese Horoscope for Monday, July 4

Love affairs will tend toward a certain stability, but this won't prevent you from living a more intense sentimental life. If you work in association, you'll try to impose your will on your partners. You risk clashing with certain members of your family; draw in your horns, and everything will fare better immediately. It's a propitious day for real estate transactions or moves. You'll have an opportunity to participate in social activities and you'll get great satisfaction from them.

Working on your new home has been exhausting, but also rewarding. I got all the paint for our lovely new kitchen, Veona's room and my room today :)  I can not wait to show before and after pictures guys.  Clearly this is accurate expecially about clashing with family on ideas haha it has been a rollercoaster with opinions to say the leaste but of course I was right and they all went with my ideas and creative outlooks. 
I also have been getting out more with my friends and peers and it has been such a new experience for me that it is really lifting some things off my shoulders.  I am reconnecting, catching eyes, and simply being more social again.  As a young mother who is so into my daughter, school, and business its hard to get out and now I finally am putting an effort.  Anywho here are some rad movies that one in the bunch I have distinct memories of as a child watching with brother even though I was "too young" to see it and honestly should not have been watching. 

Spun the movie I saw as a child.  An oldy but goody.  Even though this movie is almost like the one below and came out after the movie below I saw it first haha. 

 This movie below was one talked about in my English class and I can not believe I never saw until this weekend!!! Loved it and was pretty blown away by some neat editing, real life stories some can relate to and just good acting. 
 With love

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