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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Favorite Tv shows of 2011!

Well I totally jinxed myself :(  
I will NOT be able to blog these next two months especially the next 2 weeks because I just started my 3rd class yesterday and the work load is the most I have ever had.  Thanks cultural geography ;)
I am stressed, worried, and down right pissed.  
I have so much work to do that literally this week everyday all day almost will be spent reading, writing papers, taking a quiz, writing an outline for 2 chapters, taking a huge 5chapter test and so on.  Wow I thought last semester was bad it got worse as of yesterday.  On top of it the house has a lot of work that I still wanted to do to it and sadly will have till wait till the beginning of august when I will have a couple of days.  :(
Also my fav shows right now are....
Rescue me well yup last season starts tom!!!! I can not wait gosh have I always loved this show from start to finish.  It is hard to belive it came out when I was a junior in HS haha.  
Breaking BADDDDD! 
Freakin awesome show!!
Starts next sunday I think?  So eager to see this boy o boy :)
Of course the one and only and famous
Law and Order SVU love love love.  Always on but lately not as much as I have seen before.
 New Fav for this year besides The walking dead.  Locked up Abroad so fascinating to see how other countries and cultures deal with bad decision makers, criminals, and drug trafficers.
Great show and fascinating things.  National Geographic has some great shows and specially the one with the places that are off limits to people and they show you them.  Wow simple remarkable and those relics are so incredible.
Tata for now ;)  Ps I hope to take veona to see winnie the pooh soon.  We were in the new pool today and it was soooo swell :)

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