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Friday, July 8, 2011

The right here Today exactly! "Trap Gunner"

Well it started out with doing wash, dishes, cleaning,etc and some of the unwanted things haha.  Some of my studying and homework which is getting to be pretty overwhelming.  The good break was then teaching veona her homework which is always fun but today we only go through 1 sheet regretfully she was not in full focus mood but did very well on the sheet we chose with coloring the matching letter from on section to the other.  Then I had to help her with the object and what letter it matches.  
And well as far as "Intro to Business" goes for me. meh its hard, lots of work, and I feel i get know where even after putting about 12 hrs into a 15 pg business plan that usually takes ppl 6plus months to write.  I am doing well with it but its time consuming and not just something you can do overnight, in a week either.   Then I have 5 chapters to read and study for a huge test as well on top of this paper im not too thrilled yanno. So to say the leaste.  Im burrrrrrnnnnntttt on business.
On the up swing Eng is soooo easy, love my prof, and have like really high grades but its a little slow for me and its only a beginner one so it's not even how college is really.  Its like write 6 essays (short) if a may add which I am not used to doing less than 3 pages and its on Informative, Narrative, Clarrative and 3 others we have not done yet so im like arrrrrrrhhh.  Although I did learn some good tips :)
Yes my morning coffee and apple cake.
Haaaa you can count on me having coffee but usually not cake for breakfast but today was one of the blue moon days boy.

Let the crazy rain alll from 3- now begin haha loved it
 Thunder storm and all.  It was blissfull
So what to do?  
Dust off the PS1   Yessss I said 1 and get this bad boy ready.
Funny the last time this was out was well... a photoshoot haha.
I kick ass in this game majorly and in dead or alive but this is just way cooler with the whole setting bomb thing and the alien guy at the end and the skeletons and shits its GNARLY!
 soo here we gooooo  of course im Lou Riche llike I always have been shes a baddass biachhh.
Yup I Win
 You Lose

Din Din So yummy handmade from my big bro :)
xoxo Janelle

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