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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Veona can you get any cuter. Ohhh Sunday

Photo sets of Veona

I just adore this photograph!
OMG can you say Cutest little girl ever!
 hehe that yikes moment

Goo Eats!

 This Ice Cream cone was at an art gallery I have my things sold at now :)
Isnt she a doll!! The lady used her on her flyer on fb my pretty daughter I am so proud!

 Driving in the 101 degree weather with NOOOO ac horrible.
 Heart shaped pancake by accident :)

 Aww This picture is so cute of us isnt it!
 She is a little tinker too
Rut Roh (scoobie doo)

Our past 4-5 days :)

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