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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Food...Yep need it to survive!

As you all know I LOVVEEEE to cook.  Well I have been hiding many pictures because honestly I feel you all might get bored of it and it is kind of tempting and torturous isnt it??
Ha so well here are some goodies and as you all can tell I love my chicken, pasta, and vegetables!

 Oh and sandwiches!!!

No desserts today sorry folks!
Today consisted of none of these however, I did make some yummy sandwich and have many other photos but will save those for a special blog!  I can not wait to share our remodeling of the house soon guys!!!! I have been holding back and well my nose has been in the books so bad my pages have my tears all over them oh and snot!
Ps it is a heat wave this week yea like 98-104 i am freakin beyond mad...pist... maybe heavily irate!

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