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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Crafting, Monster, Food, Remodeling, Painting, + Peedeeee Potty ssshtuff

Lots of stuff here guys tune in...
This is the Art Mart in Allentown PA!
I have my stuff selling here which is sooo rad because there are so many talented artists in this shop and that will be in the show this saturday(which is a double header I have 2 shows 8-8pm wowza)  This is actually inside a Holiday Inn and boy is the hotel so nice from what I expected Allentown to have haha.  It is sad to think Allentown used to be the #10 place to live in america as far as citys go and now it is almost a shit hole *sorry.  However, they are remodling a lot of it and putting in a hockey rink which could realllllly help the city.  For example, Bethlehem Pa which I am sure you heard of has the "sands" casino which is a huge attraction to the EAst coast now.  Yeah w/e I do not like casinos.  Lame people, and I hate to waste money.  Well I remember seeing things about them building it when I still lived in Portland thinking nothing of it and now its nation wide known.  So I am hopping the same for Atown hockey ring.  However, I have my school building right across from where they are doing it on Hamilton st.  Which I do nottt want to get stuck in that traffic and chaos mon-wed.  Grrr!
This art mart is also located right off that strip to the right!

Around the shop

 View of allentown on Hamilton street.
 Monster chompin down!  He got big Eh??Gosh we all just love him!!! Truly so sweeet and my 2nd fav pet ever!!!!
 More pancaked the other day :)

OMG one of my fav food I have made in a while. Thai style dish it was so great.  I dunno if you remember when I went out to Thai Thai well I tired to make something like it :)  Really check out the detail in the dish tho see if you can guess what all is in it?
Rice on the bottom.  Then cubed chicken with pecans, peaches, peas, fr green beans, spices and some gravy.  It was slammin guys!  Then a nice fresh salad

I love when  my brother cooks :p  He made yummy french toast and I put some nummy fruits to top it off for extra healthy sweetness ;)

Now for the grand show!!
The remodiling.
Here is some of the house
The basement!!!
We are totally redoing it and my brother and dad are VERRRY handy which is always great!
We get things done nicely by ourselves, save money, and have pride about it
Here Dan is reduing the wiring to the whole house!!
 Baddass new Saw from DeWalt :)  We got so many new tools it truly is a joke.  A construction site of our own for reals.  So this will be developed into dads room, kids play room, my studio(EEEEk) and laundry room.  So pretty much 3 1/2 rooms.  You shall see then.  So much to do with drywall and such but just wanted to do some before pics to keep you all interested.
 Here is the mess of all the moving and such.  I started to paint the back wall white since that will not have dry wall.  My studio will be next to the laundry area.  Which ehhh w/e at leaste I can get 2 things done at once i suppose haha.
Neat ehhh
Yess found this awesome new technique
 So for those of you who know me well I have always been blessed with long natural healthy nice nails. Yup not to brag or anything ;)  Well found this new marble technique on youtube and I put it to the test!! It was cool but kinda messy and I did not have much time or patience at that time.
Here we are painting because she is pretty much potty trained.  I usually give her a lil gift or candy and this time it was hello kitty things to paint.  
I had a mommy one an dbaby one and it was cute
haha lovin those glasses
Mommys zombie kitty.
 Veonas lol cute huh.
Potttttyy.  So Veona is hysterical with how she says different things and how she purposely says it funny because she has such a sense of humor.  She always has but now it is even funnier.  Well "Poooody" is how she says to go Poo #2 and so on.  She laughs and laughs when she says poody.  Then we changed PP to PEEEdeee lol.  anywho she has been doing great and is almost fully trained besides night and here and there an accident but mostly in the Car which does stink at times.  

Preview of Veonas room!!! I did not want to show you all of it yet.  However, it is finished I just want to show and after picture with the things in it I am getting.  I did just purchase her first Owl pillow and will be getting more things soon.  I want a really neat chair for her since she will have her own reading area type thing.  A green or pink one that is really cute!!!
Off to gmas to do more work on the painting in the dining room and kitchen. Dont worry I have many pictures guys!!!

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