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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Ben Templesmith you Made my night and tickle my fancy ;)

Yes!  Finally...My very special order came in after much confusion and canceling one order and getting another haha; boy what a fight but it was well worth it!
It really made my night last night to open my front door (which I do like a little kid for everyday checking) and find it sitting there, staring at me with such ease.  I have had a hard, stressful week to say the least.  After drama with lame, talentless people I finally could enjoy myself and read my artbook/ comic by the one and only Ben Templesmith :)

It was wonderful!!!
I never have been into a lot of reading and the few pages of the actual comics were amazing because his sick sense of humor, crude things and just ridiculous concepts keep me entertained.  (which is hard since I get bored easy)  I am so multifaceted what can I say! haha.  So have you ever looked back on your life and asked yourself Why do I like this so much? Or... What is my first memory of doing this??  
I have a distinct memory of where my Love and passion for art came.  Which later reached out to many different mediums as I grew.
I was in 3rd grade at Macungie Elementary School and had art class.  We were making the famous "American Gothic" and for those of you who do Not know what that is then crawl out of your holes!! It is the pitchfork with the Old man and Woman in front of House and a Barn.  Ringing any bells? Anywho we had to reenact it but differently with snowmen, yes snowmen since it was winter time :)  I was so thrilled to learn about this painting and art really deeply hit me from that point on.  I was so into that painting we had to do that I was determined to make mine the best in the class and was so proud to have it in the art show or w/e it was called at that age.  I still now can see my little blond self working on it on the art table with four students on each corner haha.  What a long journey it has been since then.

Anywho I wanted to share that and now my artwork has metamorphosed and grew into many different mediums such as: Pure Sin, modeling, photography, crafts, rug making, painting, some drawing, etc.

These first two pictures are from Wormwood and remind me modestly of course of myself well when I am modeling and some of my interests.  The way she is posed and even her look on her face captivate such emotion its remarkable.  

This one greatly reminds me of the runway I did in Sept of 2010 I am sure you long time followers remember my photoshoot for the event which was the half/half representation almost just like this to a T. Feel free to look back at my Sept/October blog from 2010 and see for yourself!
This is just Rad

So you all may be wondering why I have been blogging so much.  Honestly I can Not tell ya haha I just "feel" like it and have so much I love to share and write about other then school.  Shessh sometimes writing for school and using all my time into something I can care less about or not really want to do makes me want to share what is my passion or love.  So  there you have it.

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