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Friday, July 8, 2011

"Pure Sin Models" "Miss Mischief" "Purple Pinup Rockabilly Flower" "Hair Flower"

Let me give myself a minute here.
Sheesssssh she is doing everything so fabulous in the picture I practically am stuttering trying
to pin point too many things at once that I love!!!


Model- Miss Mischief
Photog- SMP Photography
Corset- Jane's Corsets

The placement of the flower I made for her is perfect, I adore the way her hands are gracefully placed in the best spot possible, how her lip and teeth have the sexy look along with those pretty eyes.  I even like the way her roots are showing in her hair because barely any females can pull that off boy! The background has screaming vivid green colors and textures that make me feel "there" Her tattoos are always great but accentuate the lovely corset and rad tutu which btw is one of my favs to model. To some it up... It kicks ass and I love it!

Humph may I last add I misssss modeling.  It is a love hate for me and specially right now.  I had shoots booked then cancelled life is too hectic right now and I need to accept it and move on.  And there honestly is really know money it anyways unless you are "EXTREMELY" well known if you get my gig there.  Although I am very happy collabing with other fabulous models, and artists as well.  She is a doll to deal with and I can't wait to work with her again soon.  We already have ideas planned :) xoxo Miss M.


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