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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pretty amazing how long I have been doing this and the number of posts I have and the number of views.  It is ever changing, getting more interesting, and simply intriguing.  My views is up to 4811 views!!! The red number at the top was from long after I have had this so I think the one that tells me my viewers, their locations, etc is correct. :P  Its exciting. 

A friend, model, and good pure sin lady....
Miss Mischief

Attn. These are 18-21 viewers only that should view these photos.  They are not nude just implied.  Thanks

Shes wearing 2 of my duck tape bows a blue and purple.  They are on my etsy for about 3$ and come free with any order for this season!!!!  Get them while they last at

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 My new flip video camera.  Well I have been wanting this for eons it seemed so I got it about a month ago.  boy am I glad I did!!! I love it.  I just wish I had good video editing skills since it takes me forever to upload it to my You Tube(which have you guys seen all the rad videos I have been putting up of the kiddos, crafts and such)
It is the greatest.  His name is Ted.
Ted will go with my sister to Scotland in a week and I am tad nervous for him.  His first big trip.
 The cool news Is I just ordered---EEEEEEEE
Juxtapoz magazine for a year and got a free art book!!!!
Soooo happy.  I have bought a couple over these last 3 years and always wanted to subscribe so I did it.  I am sooo stoked to get these each month.  If you do not no juxtapoz you are no art fan and must live on the moon. 
 Just entertaining my insomnia with this late night post.  Got a 100 % on My English test today!! So happy :)
Went to the school brand new gym.  Had two classes, cleaned, cooked homemade cx soup, and now am blogging and enjoy our beautiful thunderstorms!!!

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