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Friday, September 9, 2011

Goodmorning and take a peek.

Well I have been on a blog Obsession this last couple days since Hallelujah I have the net again.  Well I am skeptical on what I want to post since some things I want to make perfect and very detailed.  Also all of the "before" pictures of the house are on my other camera and I am not sure where I placed my usb transfer thinger thats awesome and Rad looking.  Soooooo I wanted to share my morning with you all.

Halloween much??
            I have been putting together my order from etsy the other day which I think I am now up to 87 sales, 121 people who favorite my shop and hundreds of favorites of individual items(I am not going to count them all and add them together).  So things are going well.
 There is always something so invigorating putting together an order and writing them a thank you and sending them freebies.  In addition, wrapping the order pretty and making a bow with ribbon is just the right touch!
 Veona being Veona this morning :)  Always full of laughter, jokes, and happiness.  Although, sometimes she does not want to share her "monster" on the table and she wants to play with him and give him hugs and dance with him to his song.  Gosh I love these kiddos.  
Off to doing, chores(per usual) making more items for the shows saturday and sunday, and some homework. 
& Btw my English classes non fiction book was aloud to be chosen by us.  I first chose one that was not accepted because ooops there was a movie that I didnt know was made of it.  It was called Bridges in Madison County which I will read on my own sometime when I have time, as well as finish Kiss the Girls.  But back to the point.  Since I love art and am apart of the art scene as a woman I chose this book.  Berthe Moriset's (biography pretty much) written by anne higgonnet and it is amazing.  It is a hard read since she went to harvard and yale, so the words are so big but so awesome to learn and maybe use myself in my career and life.  *sigh I am blessed and happy.

Have a good one

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