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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Movies I curled up to the past couple of weeks.

Ok this movie was FANTASTIC!!!
What an inspiration.  Ok so I love Edward Norton.  And I decided to try this one on a whim and boy was I glad I did.  What terrific acting that I have never seen from Mr. Norton.  Intelligent DR. who is caring and then turns cruel to his wife since she cheated.  Anywho woops I dont want to ruin it for the rest of you who want to see it but it was charming, interesting, and had out of coutry scenes the 2nd half that I loved.  Great Great Flik I would buy it in fact!!! 10 ten for sure
Matt Damon is not a bad actor either.  I like My hottie  Mark Walberg better but yanno what are ya gonna do I wanted to see this.  It had some wonderful lines in the movie and kept my attention Id give it a 7-8ish.  Neat
 This movie surprised me.  DeNiro ( one of my fav actors) had a minor role and it was sweet.  Mr. Cooper played a great role I was surprised.  This fascinated me.  The whole concept in fact is what was awesome.  Just the things he could do were ravishing.  Anywho I give it a 8.5  Kept me wanting more and watching it with my glass o wine :)

 Ehh this was ok as a chicky flicky butttttt I am not that much of a fan of Ashton.  First well yeah so he is married to Demi Moore.  Who cares???? I think Bruce Willis is way hotter and blows him out of the water acting wise and looks wise.  What can I say I like the old guys and sometimes bald ones too ;)  He is such a sweetie too that Brucey Boy.  So it was cute but kinda annoyed me after all I mean really who wants to base a relationship off of a used to be F* buddy yanno??? Gross. Anywho I give it a 6-7ish an only chick wise

These two were both bad.  I mean Two for money was ok but I was not in the mood nor in to the whole gambeling aspect.  Pacino had some great lines and Matt is always easy on the eyes but that only  can keep me going for so long.  6

So the crazy chick yea way weird but ok.  I would rate it chick kid teener bopper wise a 6-7 maybe.  The one bf was a cutie though.  
So show wise I can not waittttt to see the Charlie Sheen Roast, Always Sunny in Philly, and omg AMERICAN HORROR STORY---comes in october I can not wait.  So looking forward to these guys here.

Now for the rant!!!
Well I got a lot done today guys.  My friends call me superwoman and ya know what I am kinda seeing why now haha.  Did so many chores, cooked, craft show, so much school work, played with Veona so much this week, yard work, still more organizing and packing, shopping, and well other random things.  But hey I had an awesome night out on Saturday finally until 2:30 am.  Gosh was I well yea.  Haha good times.  
So the cranky school blah...
Well off to do some Busines Law work which is killer hard.  Gahhh wish me luck.  Class 6-7hrs tomorrow I can not stand Wednesday.  Sick of driving all the way to class then being in it then driving to another campus class then sitting another 3 hours of math nontheless then gahh home finally and warn out mentally and physically.  


  1. Thanks lady I thought so too! I try to do this every so often and these I really liked. What suggestions do you have????