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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Trentmoller concert here I come baby!!!

So I did it!
Bought my ticket this morning.  It was only 29 bucks so I am happy.  As you can tell it is oc 13th in Philly  at the TLA so happy.  Loveeeeee Trentmoller so much.  He barely ever comes to the US and I really know this will be offffff the hook.  I saw lots of youtube live shows and he is sick.
 Veona and I dancing and prancing around this morning.  She really was shaking her little booty how cute.  Haha.  Now she even goes Mama the music stopped can you put some more on please.  Its adorbs.
Might post later of the before and after of the kitchen and Veonas room.  Have lots of school work to catch up on since I did many touch ups of painting around the house.  xoxo.

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