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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Just wanted to share with you all that we are moved in and almost fully unpacked.  I was so brief below since we did not have internet for over 1 week and well everyone said," Janelle! how are YOUUU surviving with out the internet"  well it has been hard.  TO say the least.
So to catch up I will do picture neat blogs soon(new movies I have seen, dates, new rooms in new home, meals, funny stuff, craft shows, etsy talk, goals for future, good planning for credit score, la la la la la) but for now lets keep it simple.  Easy Tiger.  Its been a beautiful rainy week. haha honestly not to be a jerk, butttt I love it despite the fact some of my close friends have had flooding in the basement of their homes.  Sorry guys.

School is hard and full of lame losers (sorry really besides 2 ppl i think are ok) one of which whom is my age from ukraine and so rad.  Love making new friends.  So anywho it is stressful yeah.  Ok and I have 2 art shows this weekend.  Rescue me, my favorite show is over im sad.
However,  I had a good day ;)
 The rainyness at night here at our new home :)
You know how people say sometimes whatever you want is a phone call away ;)  Meaning haha, think about it.  You can make a phone call and Talk(duh), pick up something, schedule something, order something, talk to a friend, hear bad news, on and on and on.  Well, as a female, some say it is easier then for guys.  Which in some cases is true; but good looks get you anywhere in life to an extent(its proven).  Honestly, I am more shy and to myself now kind of lol, and not a risk taker however people have needs.  Matter of fact it was exactly what I needed.  Think what you want!!! but that, "phone call away situation" was a marvelous idea ;)  Very needed.  "I'll never tell" use your imagination folks.

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