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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Camp snoopy "Planet Snoopy" at the famous Dorney Park.

So we have been wanting to go to Dorney (which is only 7 mins from our home) well since Veona was a weeee baby.  However I wanted to wait until I knew she would heavily enjoy it, and when I knew she loved rides and chaos.  Well now was the time.  Normally it is 55$ a pop!!! It's a joke normally.  It was a great day to say the least.  I packed a huge amount of healthy foods, snacks, and we had funnel cake(EEEEk my favorite) and a carmel apple w/peanuts, and other things.  It was a bit overcast which I like at times, and it was not packed.  It even rained for about 20 minutes.  Lightly and not too bad.  Fall really set in!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
 The one ride that was like a huge swing.

So for now enjoy the great pictures.

 The grand entrance.  I do not know if some of you know of Dorney Park.  However, it is very famous nation wide and especially all over the entire east and mid west coast as one of the best theme parks.  Luckily they just re did the camp snoopy now called planet snoopy with awesome new rides and things.

 Well here is Mommy doing what I will be doing and driving in the years ahead of me.  Yup Funeral Directing!!! Yes.  I was so happy to see this.  Not only do I love halloween, but this will be my career.  Some of you may remember I worked at a haunted house a couple years back and it brought back some great memories and times.  I yearn to do that again in the near future.  Dorney has a great halloween fest but its a little too commercial for me yanno.
 One of the adult rides called the Talon.  I was on this when I was younger but chose to go on the Hydra which was there new ride.  It was kickass and my heart was pounding out of my little chest.  The adrenaline and nerves kicked in when the rides kickplate went down.  Wooooah baby I was stoked, scared, and thinking of Veona.  Such a new feeling to be on a ride since it has been so long.

 One of my favorite sayings.  I took it for my brother since he always calls me charlie brown since I use this saying soooo much.  I do not like to say Good G** like many do or soemthing else bad so I keep it elementary and well veona loves charlie brown.

Like this one

 Classic face.  I was actually scared and in pain for me and Veona since it was faster and more tossy turney then I thought.

 Eating her corn like a good little lady.
 Low calorie dessert I have been having.

 Great dinner my brother made.  Fresh Alaskan crab fettichini Alfredo.  So yummy.

Ta Ta for now

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