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Friday, September 23, 2011

Today exactly :)

Well it was a cook out chore out school out kind of a day.
Finish tonz of the worst work Ihave to do.  Business Law.  Soo soo soo difficult I can not spin into words of how ridiculously mind boggling it all is.  So to the point and there but too many twists and turns and well if this happens then this could be the case.  I hate having to take it for my Major but I am determined and so be it then!!! Fine!!!
Dinner my brother made
 Lunch I made
 BFast I made
 Sneak preview of our new kitchen designed by all of us.  I will show before and afters this week.  Number one most improved room and it will blow you all away I promise.
 One of my top 5 favorite movies I watched this week.  Ravenous.  Great flick that is passed over and under rated.  ONly a select few have seen it or know of it.  Rocks.
 Movie I watched tonight so far with my favorite wine!  Great movie I thought.  Love gossling sexy sexy man and was in the mood for this type of style.  Sexy, sweet, provacative, innocent, and so much more.  Check it.
My fav wine and new wine stopper.  Yeah I am corny sooo what.
 Yup thats right "royal witch" haha.  Happy Halloween.
Tomorrow shall be a productive and great day.  It is important to me in some aspects, nerve wrecking in others and down right nice.  I have not felt this (excited,nervous, curious) way in about 4 years and hoping it goes well.  

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