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Friday, September 30, 2011

another day. another dollar at the office.

Here was my day.  Making more cupcake earrings and making rings.  I also got another sale today so put together that order.  Have some rather fun things to show you.
 Vanessa, she is lovely ehhh?  Made her today.  Yup im a strange bird.  No this.
 Like my new frankenstein duder.
 The awesome new gift boxes for fall.  every order will get one with some things in it (depending on your order what will go in it)  They are cute and so fun and colorful.  If you can not tell they are paint switches cut and molded into tiny little boxes.  And they all do not look the same.  Many colors and varieties folks.  The ribbon is the perfect touch ehhh?

So its full on fall.  Did some more decorations and tomorrow is pumpkin patch picking day and painting pumpkins with the kiddos.  Today we got some new shoes for the kids from stride rite.  Funny I proved to my family I could fit into a size 3 in kids.  Yes I know i have tiny feet and Veona will be able to fit in my shoes soon bahahah.  Cute.

Its getting cold and my love for coffee always grows strong this time of year especially the pumpkin sspice. yummmmmm.  Its  time to break out the sweaters , comfy clothes, boots(yesss) and buy some new items to add to your wardrobe.  Yes!!  Also time to hang with good friends and cuddle with a boyfriend, loved ones,  and your darling children.  I am soooo blessed and happy to be in our new loving home.  How I love family.
Have a great weekend all.
Stay tuned for some great things ahead.
Yes I will do house stuff soon haha.(gosh dont I always say this)

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