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Sunday, January 3, 2010

X of Cups-(reversed, which means upside down) Be kind to strangers, as well as to yourself. Your emotions are unfocused. Be discreet. Follow through on promises made.

XIX the Sun-(reversed) Relationship hassles are likely. Don’t get wrapped up in yourself so tightly that you ignore your partners or others needs. Stop being overly dramatic. Set goals realistically and try to do what’s good for all parties involved.

KING OF Cups-Go easy on yourself and accept what the day brings. Control your temper, don’t take criticism personally. Try not to feel pressured by deadlines.

VIII Justice-What goes around comes around. Seek legal counsel, ask advice from elders. You may be embroiled in negotiations or tedious bureaucratic systems. Do healthy things- spiritually and physically.

II of Cups (reversed)-Don’t be insensitive. Keep things light! Now is the time to make outstanding apologies. Don’t let anyone or anything else raise your blood pressure. People may be asking too much of you now. Find constructive ways to relieve tension.

So today was a good day. Yes its true! Well even though my daughter was up a lot through the night I still woke up in a pretty good mood. I am not sure if its shes still teething that last tooth a bit or if it was gas pain or who knows maybe neither. But I was upset I didn’t gert to go to church this morning due to Veona being up a lot through the night and I didn’t think she would be able to make it through to service on a respectable manner. I really wanted to go because I missed last week and I just miss church!! I believe in god but I am NOT in any way what so ever a baptist or bible thumper! I do like to go to church though not only for me but for some sense of security and routeen for my daughter.. well anywho

My good friend Natalie came by and later my friend Jabir as well wow haven’t seen him in 3 years since high school.. But my dear dear friend Nat has always been there for me and helped me through so much with my adventure home from Portland Oregon and mentally just a savior every since I was in middle school and really close in high school and ever since. She loves my daughter so much and is actually going to watch her tomorrow while I go to group. She asked me to watch her like she lovessssss veona sooo much and really enjoys being with her. Group well shesh I haven’t metioned it on here but its my domestic violence group for women and wow have they helped me since I have been home after the court battle and all my issues and abuse I went through and disfuction of my last relationship. But its wonderful its from 6-8pm every Monday and I actuallymissed last mon for the first time in about 3-4 months.
I also went to walmart today which was exciting to get all my food I am planning on cooking for the next couple a weeks. Im stoked.. im so in love with cooking like I never was before. I have always liked to but now I love to! Its such I sense of joy satisfaction and creativity and empowerment and so many more feelings.. Just love it.. But I also got my daughter some more nitties because she is grown out of 12mths stuff now so updating to 18 which is always fun buying her clothes cuz I feel like its buying me them too! Hehe its like I get to shop for two now and enjoy it! Its great!The rest of the day I pretty much did 4 loads of wash and worked out with my situps routine and lunges I skipped Pilates for the day though did them 3x this week and that’s enough. Its not like situps that are an everydaything anyways ..
Well I did slack on cooking today though because I didn’t have much of an appetite and so I just made myself a wonderful salad and some fruit salad later in the night so that’s that. There not too too special but still a great bite to eat.

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