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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What a day!

My Tarot cards for the day....

Ace of Cups-(reversed)-Accept assistance from others. Dont be too full of yourself. Act with determination. Know when to say no.

IV of Pentacles-Manage your money with firm ethics. Respect those in power but do not accept intimaidation. Your ideas are rich but still need development.

Knight-The more self-assured you are, the better things will go. Everybodys playing to win, so be prepared for competition. Fight the need to have the final word.

III The Empress-Experess your ideas and take calculated risks. Getting what you want is your responsibility. Your passions ar of primary importance to you now. New of a wedding,pregnancy, or children arrives.

X of Swords-Trouble in personal relationships has been weighing on your mind. Your ability to solve problems can be determined only when you apply what you know and feel.
Well my day was pretty good. I had an apt for veona today and then i got my new laptop(ohhh yayyy bounce bounce) virus dr.web its called installed through my compter guy(i call him my computer guy he owns his own shop called custom computer works here in town)but i have established a good friendship wiht him in the past year and i cook for him as well as talk and see him frequently. It was soooo onice of him to do it for free which is 80$ normally i was sooo happy and just relievd i didnt have to get in the whole for that. But it relaly made my day and just so pleased and special. I cooked a late dinner as well because iwas at my grandmas so i didnt get home until 7.

For dinner

Italian Sausage with sliced zuchini, baked beans, and cranberry sause. So good its been a while since i had sausage which i adore. It came out wonderful not too much effort on my part not too long and doesnt take a lot of
talent/watching. I even had seconds wow then i know its really what i was craving..
Is it me or does that
cranberry sauce
look sooo good
and pretty

Bon Apetit!!!
So i have started this new system now that when i cook i freeze the left overs for when i cant cook or dont feel liek it and pull it out nuk it in the wave and stuff my face lol.. easy fast and can count on it!

I am doing my craft later tonight actually i might post it tonight or tomorrow i just didn tget around to it yet i just hopped out of the shower did my tarot cards and hopped on here to type it up . well there you have it. Chow


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