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Saturday, January 2, 2010

My Tarot Cards for the day…
II of Cups-This is a good time to make peace with anyone who recently did you wrong. Expect a happy surprise, such as a love letter or a new relationship. Don’t buy into social pressure.

Ace of Cups-Happiness arrives soon, but it may take some effort on your part to bring it to fruition. Those around you are more emotional then usual. Don’t rely on them to be the voice of reason. Postpone debates. Examine home and family issues. This is a good time to consider relocating.

IV of Pentacles-Manage your money with firm ethics. Respect those in power but do not accept intimidation. Your ideas are rich but still need development.

VIII Justice-What goes around comes around. Seek legal counsel, as advice from elders. You may be embroiled in negotiations or tedious bureaucratic systems. Do healthy things-spiritually and physically.

Queen of Wands-Believe in yourself-don’t be afraid to take the lead. Dealings with authority figures go well. Answers arrive when you talk things out with friends and lovers. Write letters, make calls, sends faxes. Punctuality really counts.

So I kind of had a late start today which is about 1015 and I fed the dear baby o mine and then got showered and dressed and received a call from my dear friend to go shopping… Ohhh my I cant say no to that. So we left around 12 and boy did we shop the whole mall and I got my daughter a really cute oufit with blue swirls and red ones and pasilys almost all over it was 18months shirt and pants kind of a thin material but adorable and on sale for 5% a piece had to get it! Also I got her pajamas that are blue with pink big and small flowers all over but it’s a two piece pajama set instead of a big onsie one that’s like a bodysuit ya know, so something a little different for a change.
So I got a cute hat that’s hand sewn or crotched I believe and is black. Also a black shirt and black lace skirt soo cute on sail for 12 $ gosh I love forever 21 when its on sale you really can get cute stuff. Store though lately have been a hit or miss with there styles and clothes really. I also got a cute fleece jacket/sweater from aeropostale as well as 3 pair of lace thongs yess thongs love em! I had a gift card there from xmas so its all good. See what I hate about it there is its so middle school and high school because it all has aeropostales name written all over it which really gets to me I don’t like stuff written on my clothes I have been way over that stage since middle 6th grade. And I believe that’s all folks. But I had a blast and got to go out with my girly without my daughter for a change which felt great...
Later after shopping we both LOVE SUSHI so we went to the A1 Hibachi steakhouse omg yummm so good there. I got 2 sushi rolls a cucumber and spicy tuna and some miso soup yay been forever sine I had that stuff. So I was totally satisfied with my outing and got home by 430 then I pretty much played with Veona and then started on dinner and craft and cleaning up and such.
Well for the meal I made today …
Ground Chicken cooked up with som
e butter and chopped onions and a splash of white zinfandel wine. Later vodka sauce added and combined with some penne pasta. For the two sides I decided on sliced thin squash with some chopped onions along with spinach cooked till nice and mushy. Delightful came out wonderful and not too too filling . I cant stand when I make a meal and by the time im done with if I feel sick or like I need to expload.

Yummy Yummy allllllllllll doneeeeeee and ready to devower!!!!!!!!!!!!
For the craft of the day ….
A kitty cat made out of ….
Popsicle sticks 8 to be exact a black pen, gogily eyes hot glue gun, scissors, and pink nail polish.
First I cut one of the Popsicle sticks in half and set those aside and did the same but ¾ the stick
. Then I glued the five full sticks together but three above the other every other stick. Later I added the 3/4stick on toward the bottom of the last stick to the right. I then added the tail diagonal on the other side (flip over) of the body of the cat. I then glued the gogily eyes and drew the nose and ears and shape of the head along with wiskers and feet and such. He came out great! Fun, fast little guy named dopy. He he it entertained me after the meal and that’s all I ask.
Well off to give baby a bath and maybe a nice glass of wine and some reading.
Ye ha

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