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Friday, January 1, 2010

First day of 2010 !

Well today i spent it with the family and such and actually got food cooked for me...pork and sauercraut with broccilli mashed potatoes and italian bread and applesause. It was yummy but i dont eat pork so i just had leftover salmon which is still soo good and good for me! So I started this drawing last night and finished it today and its cute just something i did up fast and i eventually will color it but dont really feel like it because i did some coloring today while my daughter napped on a big bed so i ate up some time coloring and keeping and eye on her.

I have thought of so many ideas of things i woudl like to start making and also want to get back into making my signature rag ruggs that i normallly make.. its just i dont have the time really they are painstaking and take a lot of time and i just havent gotten to michals or jo anns or any other fabric store to get some burlap as well as some fabric. I do really want to though so my goal is to get out there in the next month to get some and i have to think of a design i reallly want to make maybe hellokitty or bettyboop or something girly for my daughter!

I really look forward to cooking and crafting more in more just to post it up on here and such. I mean its like this is my opportunity to show others as well and look at all i have done in a certain time frame and its like a big journal/portfolio of things it a well organized manner. Its funny because now my family jokes and pokes fun about it and my dad says well i cooked this and that today it looks like i need to take the photos and upload it to my blogwebsite! lol he is so mean and silly .

Well for those of you that dont know i am really really into astrology and japanese culture and fortunes and such soooooo i have my own mini tarot cards i got for xmas and wanted to share with you my tarot cards for the day......

XXIII Death. You are entering a growing phase. Acknolegement comes slowly. No one will offer a helping hand unless you beg for it. Dont take "no" as a final answer. Avoid self-pity. Get fid of some old habits. Stop doing anything that doesnt feel right for you.

XII the hanged man .Rise above material concerns and the way things have always been. Try another avenue. Relax and rethink. Keep everything aboveboard. Allow others to change their minds and look at tnew options .Contemplate dont agitate.

KING of cups . Go easy on yourself and accept what the day brings. Control your temper; dont take criticism personally. Try not to feel pressured by deadlines

III of cups .People around you are seeking acknowlegment in to form of positive stokes or physical affection. Flexibility and adaptability will bring luck. Family problems will soon mellow.

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