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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ok day

My Tarot cards are as follows….

X of Wands-The aggressive pursuit of your goals will result n serious setbacks with superiors until you learn to be more restrained and original. Break out of stubborn patterns and look for new approaches. An on-the-job transfer or change of status is likely.

King of Swords(reversed)-Jealousy abounds in you or those around you. Watch out for narrow minds and prejudice. Develop intellectual skills; play your hunches.

Queen of swords(reversed)-Heavy demands make you feel doubt. Loyalty is admirable, but don’t dwell too much on the past. You have a mind of your own-assert it! You don’t need anyone elses approval.

VII of Cups-Truth is soon revealed. Act kindly and calmly. This is no time to lose your cool. Reevaluate matters and set long-laid planes in motion. Call an old lover just to say you’re a better person for having known him or her.

VI of Wands(reversed)-Everyone including you-wants to have things his or her way now. Sit it out , bide your time.

Well today I started off not really in the mood to even arise out of bed… One of those tired mornings I suppose. So I had my cup of coffee and got a little motivated and decided I wanted to make a craft. I crused the internet looking for ideas and found this really cute website with a whole ton of good ideas I gobbled up. So I wanted to make something out of a papertowel roll.. welll I found a ton of cute ones! I decided on the octopus. So adorable I thought. I then painted him blue twice and cute his little legs and then added the googly eyes and wiggly smile with some glitter glue. All done just so cute I want to kiss him. Simply wonderful.I also finishd my woods oil pastels "Woods" piece of art.Check it out!

For breakfast I just had a hard boiled egg which seems to be my breakfast for the week so far. Lunch though was a delicious salad filled with zucchini spinach romain lettus olives cottage cheese cranberrys and blue cheese dressing. Yum!

On another note. I already knew what I was making for dinner. Stuffed peppers a family tradition. O so simple I never knew. I used ground turkey instead of ground beef just because I don’t eat ground beef anymore. I do eat steak but no ground beef yuck! So I started off by chopped onions and mini hot peppers with some butter then added the ground turkey browned it.. Boiled rice added that to the grounded turkey them tomato sause. I had the green peppers tops cut of and insides gutted lol.. Then I added the mixture of Turkey rice and sauce and put them in the oven 350 degrees for an hour. Then added a slice of American cheese on top and let melt for 2 mins. Delish. Froze two of them and gave one to my good good friend Benny at the tattoo shop and I gobbled one down. Worked out great and I was proud and happy he loved it and was full! Super Duper.

Now I have to give my daughter a bath and do pilates and situps. Gottta get motivated to do that and so far not feeling it at all that’s for sure.

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