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Thursday, January 21, 2010

What a day where has it gone!

Gosh the bowl of

Moose tracks ice cream

totally dug into that like no tomorrow

Didnt care about the fat huggin my

Love handles either lol

So Scrumpcious

So No tarot cards for the day my dears i just amnot in the mood. sorry.This morning did not start on a good note thats for sure. as i was feeding my babr girl she decided tohit the plate with both of her hands and splash the food everywhere. A=HHHHHHH i yelled at her iwas soo upset. Then the guilt set in i felt terrible i very rarely actually YELL at her besides the NO NO NO deal when they touch somehting they shouldnt. I just adore her but anywhoo...

Well other then that now it time to cuddle up sit down and chill at wa]tch my csi las vegas. I should really do pilates but just dont feel like it the least bit.

I still have yet to do any real art but im sure next week i will and make some mean creations. This is as close to art as i got lol My daughters doodle magnet pad... Feeling must swing on back around.

Today i just tried to hook up my new verizon internet since the companies are too cheap to send a person out to ur house they make u doitnow i suppose. Well didnt really work so i had to have my computer guy come and do it. So yay finally i have internet to use my new laptop FINALLLLLLLLLLLLLLY all the time everywhere in my homeas well as my desktop. stoked about it so now i have no excuse to not post stuff folks.

Cooking wise for today well didnt realy happen besides this great salad i made.... yumm and i poped in a frozen pizza lol havent done thatin forever. My nails are so long now i can barely type they def need to be trimed filed and painted . Yeah in all my spare time right?? humph

Well have a good night all!


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