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Monday, January 25, 2010

Alrighty then

Hello guys sorry about yesterday i was just really under the weather... such a headache and sick to my stomach feeling uhh maybe too much of that wonderful cake.. must of been the 2lbs i gained in two days catching up... well thats ok the diet yeahh that started today.. your gonna be seeing a lot more salads and feggies and fruits rather then ice cream cupcakes and cake lol...

Crafts have begun again. i told ya all my artsy side would come back around so here we gooooo.. So my daughters toys are what is on my mind lately and i just love them and want to draw and paint them.. so i started with these cute little guys well cheffy my favorite i just love them! Got them on sale at kohls for 4$ when they were 10$ yay!

Arnt they just adorable!

Started out wth some paint the colors i need are mainly white but some black orange and lighter orange.... i drew it on the carboard first but you cant see it at alll

Its my cheffy gosh i love that little guy to pieces.. ive made such a fuss over him even my daughter just adores him and carrys him around and il take him and shes yelppp soo loud hehe.. i like to tease a little builds character. gosh his hat comes off and we just love him

Well here is cheffy whatcha all think... cute Im satisfied but think there could be improvement but for doing it fast with having to pick up my daughter every no and then i thik he is great!

...........sigh ohhhh cheffy mommy adores you
Now for my meal i suppose quite simple since im going to attempt this d3iet thing even though there is a ton of ice cream and chocolate in my home owe vey(how to spell that).. but im going to try my hardest to ched this 5-7lbs...

Well mushrooms with zuchini and squash and fresh broccilli with a salad

Just take a look at that fresh broc.....
Now lets slice up this......Gosh i just love that salad dressing blue cheese yumm ..
Cherry tomatoes
cranberrysBlue cheese dressing
Salad mix greens

It turned out fantastic and filling also!<3j>
ps. Yay group today missed it last week so im stoked

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