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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What a day but way more to do by Saturday

Tarot cardes for today....

III of Cups reversed-dont let disappointments get in the way of your happiness. Beware of overindulgence and depression. Jealousy clouds reason.

XXI the World reversed-Dont be too trusting. Put your faith in number one! Pamper yourself and the object of your affection. Seek intimacy and personal happiness in all you do. Resolutions come slowly but will be worthwhile when they arrive.

XII the Hanged man-Rise above material concerns and the way things have always been. Try another avenue. Relax and rethink. Keep everything aboveboard. Allow others to change their minds and look at new options. Contemplate, dont agitate.

King Of Swords reversed-Jealousy abounds in you or those around you. Watch out for narrow minds and prejudice. Develop your intellectual skills; play your hunches.

VIII of Justice-What goes around comes around . Seek legal counsel, ask advie from elders. You may be embroiled in negotiations or tedious bureaucratic systems. Do healthy things spiritually and physically.


Bon Apettit

Linguini with Topped Vodka sauce hot hot sausage and biscuits .. well easy chessy to make which is exactly what i needed for tonight .. it was a late dinner i started in at 730ish so it work great. I put sooo much i my plate thinking i would eat 3/4 bites because i was not very hungry but ate practically it all.. sheesh that seems to be all im doing eating eating and more yeahhhh eating.. well anywho it was real spicy but so delicious. I am so sad i havent been crafty this week but its been difficult wiht getting my daughters party all planned and prepared and such.. Well im excited i just wrote the guest list and there will be about 23 people ther . wow way more then i expected but looking forward to it.. Have a bigggggg preparation ahead of me the next 3 days though because i have 5 big jobs/platters to make.. Pasta salad, Choc covered strawberries, Cupcakes, Bologna and cheese platter and last cheese pinapple and cherry on a toothpick.. shesh i hope i can pull it off all on time and yummy and elegant looking .. this deoesnt even include it all because many family members are bringing stuff and not to mention the FAMOUS Emmaus 0Bakery Cake.. marble wiht peanut butter icing omg to die for.. so right now my dads actually get a pinyatta which is sooo cool because there will be about 6 kids there so they will have a blast and yeah i do havfe to stufffff that up o boy what fun.. Decorating my grandmothers for the party cant forget that o boy ballons to blow many things to decorate what a joy.. well.. im getting carried away. much love<3

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